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poem-dropping July 26, 2016

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When everything was expanding,

blowing out of proportion,

I found you.

No daily hour of pain.

Discipline brings results,

not agony.

A small discomfort yielding huge reward,

and a glimmer of hope.





17 Responses to “poem-dropping”

  1. philessatry Says:

    Beautiful. I greatly enjoyed reading this. Hope to read more!

  2. chris jensen Says:


    Yeah, i know,

    not me,

    your better half!

    hugs chris

  3. Discipline brings results, precisely.

  4. maria102688 Says:

    This is short and sweet. Thank you for sharing your lovely poetry and your lovely heart. It put a smile on my face. =)

  5. sri_shubh Says:

    It was very nice!! Feels good after reading it.

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