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poem-anniversary July 25, 2016

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It has been one year

without you.

I could take off mourning now,

remove a black cloak of outward grief,

but I will never remove the sense of loss.

It has been one year

without you,

but I still hear your voice

I hear your laugh,

your bad jokes,

another repetition of your life story.

I could take off a mourning cloak

but I will wear you on my shoulder,

hear you in my ears,

love you with every breath

until we meet again.



10 Responses to “poem-anniversary”

  1. PhelinneLevi Says:

    beautiful and heartfelt

  2. g hunter Says:

    It’s been 26 years for me. I still hear my mom’s voice, her laughter, her advice.

    You will always have that too, they are inside us, we are them.

  3. magicpoet01 Says:

    Love and respect your work and this poem in particular because of the loss of my dear,dear, Nan (who was as close to me as a mother). On August 6th 1982 she decided, at 82 years of age, that she could no longer tolerate her pain and killed herself. The date was significant to her all her life because she always remembered the day thebomb was dropped on Hiroshima. She considered this day sacred. Unlike you I am afraid I will never see her again since I have no belief in any after life; but despite all the years that have passed, she is with me every day and I love her still, with all my heart. The grief has changed, settled into something just near by, alongside; no longer the yawning, drowning gap or the aching pain it once was. I am thinking of you dear Shawn with love, from half way across the world and in mid Winter here.

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