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poem-friendly July 13, 2016

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You are eager to make friends,

straining toward possibility

Mom!  Mom! Let me go!

Hey!  Hey!  Friend!

But you must learn self-control

and prove reliable before

you’ll be unleashed on the world.



First puppy obedience class today.  Someone was the most excited one in the room: way too excited to pretend to be one of the cool kids, and he talked WAY too much.  Apparently he is truly my dog. (cough).


10 Responses to “poem-friendly”

  1. trE Says:

    Lol. Aww! Jernee wouldn’t leave my side. She’s too overprotective to let loose away from me in a room full of unknowns.

  2. Reliability begins in the home. “Now, take out that trash!”

  3. syl65 Says:

    Lol and awesome.

  4. erbiage Says:

    this is so true, about people too. We do the “hey hey friend” thing, thinking we are attracting, but that is a pushing not a pulling

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