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poem-body language June 5, 2016

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 5:00 pm

What are you saying

when you walk into the room

without acknowledging her

when you stand beside her

without making eye contact

when you leave

without a farewell

What are you shouting

when you choose to live

with an invisible person

who doesn’t wish to be

so transparent?



11 Responses to “poem-body language”

  1. thefeatheredsleep Says:

    Women who reject other women who see other women as a threat when they should care and lift them up

    • Do you see this poem as about two women? Interesting.

      • thefeatheredsleep Says:

        No I don’t think so but I did see it as about a woman who was judging of other women, not friendly toward them, not on their side, supporting them. I really liked it but I suppose that’s the theme I saw when I first read it xo

      • How fascinating! The vision behind it was questioning a male partner about how he’s not supporting his woman! (i.e. challenging him TO support her).

        It’s so interesting to see how the reader brings his/her own life to his/her interpretation of a poem (or other creative work). I always tell my students that the meaning in a work (fiction, poetry, art, song) is 30% the author’s experience and 70% is the reader’s/audience’s experience. It’s quite profound really, and always revealing! (I learn so much about my students by their interpretations). 🙂

      • thefeatheredsleep Says:

        Boy I got that one upside down wrong didn’t I?! I think maybe we shape what we read according to what is going on for us – that’s I’m sure what unconsciously I was doing, sad that many women do not support others, and treat men as these ‘prizes’ to slaughter other women over. Either way I found it compelling (no surprise, you wrote it) but that really gave me a hoot to see how off-base I was from your original message which now I know, re-reading, makes perfect sense! xo

      • “Wrong” is not a word I use when looking at poetry, because (as pointed out above) 70% of an interpretations lies with the receiver of the work, not the writer. It’s always interesting. 🙂

      • thefeatheredsleep Says:

        Wise lady you are right, I defer to your ability to see beyond a single readership or authorship and you have taught me much today about the reflection process – thank you.

  2. quarksire Says:

    i say dat sucks er sumone to act thata way ,especially if they be close to ya…… but well is jest a poem i hope an not a reflection of da’ now reality in ur life…..PS: have a great summer 🙂 is da time of da year i’d like top travel to canada, yes indeed……

  3. Confusion within the heart, methinks.

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