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poem-dark April 27, 2016

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I’m weary of tunnels.

Closing in around me,

narrowing the future

to a  pinpoint of possibility

ahead of the foreboding train.


20 Responses to “poem-dark”

  1. but there’s a light at the end…

  2. fiza Says:

    Love the imagery. And I also have a thing for train tracks so I could be biased 😉

  3. Isabella Simons Says:

    “Closing in on me” gives a sense of something that has to happen.

  4. Mrs MP Says:

    Well… that’s when you become a miner I guess. And carve out a better opening yourself, hopefully helping others exit the tunnel with you.

  5. For you, a leap onto the cowcatcher, and a free ride out.

  6. cheryl622014 Says:

    So claustrophobic and very effective. What can I/we do to change the situation. Wish I hadn’t read it now!!

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