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poem- Culloden Moor April 16, 2016

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I didn’t see your ghosts

feel your spirits in the air

I didn’t understand what

drove folks to leave there;

On Culloden Moor the Scots

were slaughtered and died

Then drove from their lands

in Canada they arrived.

Their hardy characters

explored from sea to sea,

naming off the rivers,

(and my university).

The brutal battle that was fought

upon this day

led to our confederation

and the TransCanada




Most of what I know about the Battle of Culloden I learned from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  However, it’s very cool that my husband’s ancestor Dr. John Rattray was Bonnie Prince Charlie’s personal physician in Edinburgh, and was saved from the noose afterwards only by the timely interference of his golf buddy and judge Duncan Forbes.  (John Rattray was Captain of St Andrews and one of the signatories of the official rules of golf in 1744.  Cronyism in golf plainly goes back to the beginning of the sport).


6 Responses to “poem- Culloden Moor”

  1. chris jensen Says:

    Very nice Mrs. Bird,

    paid in blood…

    The new age!

    hugs chris

  2. howardat58 Says:

    When I was about 12 we went to see the battlefield at Culloden, covered in trees, with the large burial mounds of the victims still there.

    • Have you been since the restoration? The visitor centre looks amazing. When discussing travel wish lists with hubby recently, Culloden was on his list, so someday I hope we’ll see it. I want to visit Wales and Gloucester to see my ancestor’s places and stay for long enough to really soak it in. In 2012 we were in a London church where my great-great-great grandfather was married in the early 1800s and it did feel odd. In contrast, my town is barely a hundred years old.

  3. Visits to ancestral realms are the richest of travel experiences, as I found in 2014, at Rouen.

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