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poem-fake out February 22, 2016

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 1:31 pm

They mandate learning

You must be here

You must go to this website

You must explore

And they are so unprepared

their website crashes

no one can reach it

and we just shake our heads

at the irony

of the sad reality

of their expectation we rely on this technology.


5 Responses to “poem-fake out”

  1. thefeatheredsleep Says:

    Shawn! This is terrific! ♡

  2. Yes! “OMG! You DIDN’T visit my website on the great rain forest-themed coffee houses of Vancouver Island? You MAY have missed the boat!!”

    • lol
      I need to get to Vancouver Island. It’s been years. Yesterday we were discussing with my daughter and her man how we should rent a cabin at Tofino for a family vacation this summer.
      Rainforest coffee houses, eh? I know a writer acquaintance, C. C. Humphreys and his wife have just purchased a cafe on their Island but I can’t remember which one they’re on! Pender? Salt Spring? lol
      Must go check out your blog again.

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