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poem- Tech Lament February 11, 2016

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Once more our tech is down;

Our secretary wears a frown.

Without access to the school network

Her computer has a little quirk:

It’s become a desk decoration

So she delivers colourful oration

On the difference it has made

To get these awesome tech upgrades.

We can not print. We can not copy.

We miss the days when disks were floppy!

We can not file. We can not type.

Improvements? Man, that’s all just hype.

They haven’t improved our telephone

It still works ‘cause they left it alone.

While twiddling our thumbs at least we’re paid

To celebrate these tech upgrades.


This year has been remarkably frustrating for us.  Our school district has ‘upgraded’ its technology so everything runs through a network- all our DVD players, copiers, printers, projectors, and computers.  This would be fantastic if the network was stable, but it’s not.  At least half a day each week, and often two or three days, the network is down and we can’t do *anything.*  Students can’t access their work.  No one can research.  We can’t access our presentations.  We can’t show a movie.  Our photocopiers run through the network, so we can’t even copy a paper if we have it in our hand.  We are BEYOND frustrated with these ‘improvements’ and wish they’d just left us alone.  Last year, every thing worked!  We have a innovative school doing amazing things, except when the network shuts us down.  >>>sigh<<<


16 Responses to “poem- Tech Lament”

  1. PrairieChat Says:

    When all else fails, there are still crayons!

  2. Heather Says:

    I feel this pain from a library standpoint. On one hand I love new technology and upgrades because when it works it WORKS! But when it doesn’t work… Personally I have threatened my own technology to be thrown out the window. Yay.

    Hope they get a fix for you guys soon!

    • Yes, of course I can’t do any circulating in the library when the network is down. Kids can’t access the library search program… Card catalogue and circulation cards were finicky, but they were available!

      • Heather Says:

        At least they were available. Small miracles. I know when our system goes down a certain way we can’t check anything in and checking out is a massive pain if it works the way it’s supposed to.

  3. trE Says:

    That sounds like a total bummer! I am always beside myself with angst whenever our system at works is on the fritz. I cannot imagine what something like this does to an entire school. 😦

  4. It so often happens, when there is too much of a rush to “improve” things. People need to remember, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  5. prior2001 Says:

    Oh wow – sometimes improvements take a while to improve! Must be hard to not have copies go thru! Lol

  6. MicheleMariePoetry Says:

    Lovely poem- thanks for the chuckle!!

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