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poem-old dog January 22, 2016

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 8:19 am

Old dog,

your putrid breath

reminds us of the decay of death.

Unsteady legs rise with effort

as your old eyes lock your foggy gaze

on me.

Old dog, some day I will have to make

a hard decision, unless your nightly

snores and sighs

(that sound like burglars in the garage,

and scare me when I’m alone)

should give way to silence,

that will tear my heart apart.



5 Responses to “poem-old dog”

  1. Jim Stewart Says:

    Yes. We prepare for the inevitable and still have to gather the shards of our hearts.

  2. I am a little bit in love with your old dog myself!

  3. It’s the hardest choice one ever makes, save the unthinkable one, regarding a human love.

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