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poem-blue January 16, 2016

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Outside, in the twilight

the world is black and blue,

like a sun bleached wrapper,

yellows and reds leached away.

Just an old wrapper,

a ghost of its former brightness,

as is this day, lightness fading



13 Responses to “poem-blue”

  1. chris jensen Says:

    Beautiful, Mrs. Bird…

    That’s not how you’ve been feeling lately?

    kiss kiss chris

  2. C.C. Says:

    Stunning imagery here…..especially, “like a sun bleached wrapper, yellows and reds leached away.”

  3. Each beautiful day gives us something for the mind’s eye to hold dear.

  4. Lori Carlson Says:

    Reblogged this on A Whispered Wind and commented:
    Stunning imagery on twilight!
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