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poem-today January 15, 2016

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Grief today

is not like yesterday’s;

today it’s a ball, lodged deep in the throat,

instead of yesterday’s hovering cloud.

Tomorrow grief may be rain washing away every thought,

or the laughter of melancholy memories or perhaps

I won’t be able to keep tears at bay.

It’s impossible to say.

Grief is complicated,

that way.


12 Responses to “poem-today”

  1. beautiful – double edge sword…

  2. […] I was composing this post, I ran across this poem by  poet, author, and teacher Shawn L. Bird which definitely spoke to me […]

  3. jenkjac Says:

    Hello Shawn, I’ve been following your blog for a few days now. As I was composing the draft of my blog post today, I saw your poem. And it was timely as I was posting a poem and words about the loss of my mother just four months ago. You pegged grief well. As I said in my post, grief is a shapeshifter. Since your poem was so appropriate to what I was saying, I shared your poem and linked it to your site. I hope that is ok. Thanks for your words today.

  4. C.C. Says:

    Yes. Beautifully depicted truth.

  5. Grief will have its fifth anniversary, come March 5. It indicates that it will take the form of being with our friends and celebrating all she did.

  6. Fatimaanoor Says:

    this sums up the intricacy of grief in a very lovely way!

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