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poem-used to be January 5, 2016

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There they used to climb the hill

to escape their parents, and that was

a place of firsts.

First kisses.

First cigarettes.

First adventures.

If only all our hills were so full

of glorious promise.




Had a visit to the local museum with a class.  We learned all sorts of tidbits! 


8 Responses to “poem-used to be”

  1. Eli Pacheco Says:

    If it were – I’d search for hills to climb.

  2. Local archives can be revealers of wry embarrassment.

  3. ellenbest24 Says:

    escaping parents I remember was fun, going home after wasn’t. I had a hill in times a past, a memory that still makes me smile. Nice one Thanks for jolting my memory.

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