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Blog resolutions December 31, 2015

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Like 2015, I resolve to post a new poem each day.

Additionally, I resolve to share a story or two with you over the course of the year.


I plan to submit poems or stories to at least 6 contests or publications.

I plan to eat more vegetables, get out for more walks, and to finish my Masters. Additionally, I hope to have 2 books edited and off to my agent and 2 of my in progress novel first drafts completed.

How about you?  Do you have blog or writing goals for 2016?


13 Responses to “Blog resolutions”

  1. That’s an awesome move! good luck with it. Nice post.

    Have a look at my recent post and share your views >>

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    My novel, Ochoco Reach, releases next Monday, January 4. 2016 will be a learning experience, booking events, and all the stuff that goes with a book release. I also need to finish the first draft of the next novel. I will be busy.

  3. May the New Year be a happy and fruitful one for you.

  4. My goals are forthcoming, on my blog.

  5. Joanne Corey Says:

    Wow! You will be busy! In 2016, I am working on putting together my first ever poetry collection. I don’t know if I will be able to finish it by the end of year, though.

    • lol I hope you do better than I have done on that project! I’ve had 2 themed poetry collections set to edit and submit since 2014, and I still haven’t polished them and gotten them into the mail! 😉 I should probably put them back onto my list for 2016, shouldn’t I?

      • Joanne Corey Says:

        Maybe if you get through the rest of the list and have time on our hands? 😉 Do you have a group for workshopping your poems? They might be able to help you with the polishing.

      • No, but I was going to hire a local award winning poet who teaches sessionally at the local university for feedback.

        I did present a bit of one collection to another national award winning poet at a conference in the spring as part of a blue pencil, and got some really good feedback from him.

        Mostly at this stage, I need to figure out an order for the collections, breaking the 2 separate themes into sub-themes for each collection. At the moment they’re just ‘the best’ from the period I pulled them from, ordered more or less in order of how much I like them, but that won’t do. It’s just a matter of physically printing them off and playing with them, I think.

      • Joanne Corey Says:

        In my mind’s eye, I can see the living room floor covered in poems being arranged and re-arranged as you create order from the poem-blizzard!

      • lol Exactly. With a very old standard poodle shuffling into the middle and flopping down upon the papers, oblivious to my annoyance. 🙂

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