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poem-compassion December 3, 2015

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She said, compassion is a light.

It attracts those in darkness who then devour it.

Oh what a sad and bitter theory!


Compassion is a fire that burns freely

and radiates warmth and comfort to those who draw near.

Fuel for compassion is love and contentment, which renews the fire regardless if anyone has gathered to enjoy the heat.

Compassion can not be taken, it can only be given;

it is the essence of its fuel.

No one who is truly compassionate can be bitter,

because bitterness is the antithesis to love and contentment.


17 Responses to “poem-compassion”

  1. I love this. Compassion drives out bitterness

  2. chris jensen Says:

    Well Mrs. Bird, now now picking on those whom are less passionate?

    i see you found the snow button,
    funny think i never remember until
    somebody else starts snow on their blog!

  3. Bitterness is resignation to the death of the soul. Too many people need the compassion that I feel.

    • I am so frustrated listening to someone who considers herself ‘spiritually enlightened’ and full of compassion, when she has been an embittered narcissist for fifty years at least. No wisdom to recognize that attitude is a choice, and she was unhappy because she deliberately chose, every day, to dwell on what she though she was missing, instead of being appreciative for what she had.

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