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poem- I’ll remember October 7, 2015

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There’s a string around my finger.

The groceries are bought.

The mail is collected.

The birthday cards are mailed.

The appointments are made.

The kids are picked up.

Nothing’s forgotten.

There’s a string ’round my finger

for remembering you.



16 Responses to “poem- I’ll remember”

  1. pavanneh Says:

    Sometimes I think I need a string around my finger so I don’t forget someone in the rush of life.

  2. jade0207 Says:

    Bold and sweet. Nice!

  3. You have it all nailed.

  4. thefeatheredsleep Says:

    Very clever!!♡♡

  5. clarechfam Says:

    Precisely and endearing. Good one.

  6. alexandercasillas Says:

    Sometimes you even need a string around your finger to remember yourself in the pace of life. Love this piece!

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