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poem- censored September 15, 2015

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You do not believe in censorship

you say

and yet you sit there and complain that

I accept work with curses.  Work that is

about process, about drafting, about stretching.

I do not censor youthful voices

that may want to shout,

to try new language, new words.

We learn about audience and persona

and your child is allowed to stretch her wings

to try on new faces and expressions with me.

She is allowed to find her voice in my class room,

even if her voice

is louder than you like.


21 Responses to “poem- censored”

  1. Victorian baggage: “Children should be seen and not heard.” That sentence is the most odious in the English language, and should itself be banned.

    • Well. There are moments… 😉
      This particular mama was telling me how her daughter is not allowed to say certain things, and I casually replied that was between her and her daughter, but that I do not censor my students’ voices. Writing is about process and discovery. She interpreted that to mean that I believe she does censor her daughter’s voice. If she does some thinking about the implications of that, it won’t be a bad thing. It’s like Princess Leia said, “The more you tighten you grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers…”

  2. Patience Says:

    This exactly how I feel about my students and their voices. Great piece! 🙂

  3. Ron Says:

    It has been a while, and I had forgotten how charmed I am by the vibrance and elegance of your work! Thank you for the like and reminding me. 🙂


  4. Rajiv Says:

    This is fantastic

  5. hooklineandinkwell Says:

    how else are they supposed to find their voices? ….well-said!!

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