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poem- Mom September 14, 2015

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Today is my mom’s 86th birthday, so I wrote her a poem:


My mother is a sewing machine

Stitching life together like a quilt.

She can make anything grow

as the needle whirs and punctures

Creating history.


19 Responses to “poem- Mom”

  1. Geo Sans Says:

    my mom is also
    a quilting addict
    happy birthday
    your mother

  2. Her wares are durable.

  3. narble Says:

    Happy birthday, Shawn’s mom.

  4. syl65 Says:

    Happy Birthday to your mom, Shawn! My mom turned 86 back in July.

  5. michnavs Says:

    you just made me miss my mom..

  6. Hope your mother had a wonderful day… With you as a daughter it would be impossible not to, I think. Your poem goes in a thousand different directions – though metaphorical in quilting I see so many other things you are saying, sparking memories of my own love and mother. That’s how a true poet touches emotion Shawn. Your vision and ability to create the reader’s vision of it is just simply wonderful….

  7. She sounds like my mom 🙂

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