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poem-you know July 22, 2015

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She told you, didn’t she?

You saw it in her eyes and the set of her lips.

She had expectations,

and you, generally so sensible to duty,

ignored overt and covert messages,

and carried on blithely

as steam gathered in her head and shot out her ears

in silent reprobation.

Then you shrugged your shoulders, quirked your eyebrows,

and said, “What?” with a tone that flipped all switches of her self-control

and you were astonished at the explosion of emotion

thus released.

She told you.  Why weren’t you listening?


9 Responses to “poem-you know”

  1. Melody J Haislip Says:

    Good question!

  2. colonialist Says:

    Men need to be told – eventually they are over-told! 🙂

    • In class today we were discussing research and conclusions. There was a study that married men have better recovery from prostate cancer than single men. The finding was that this was because their wives made them go to the doctor earlier than single men did. We pointed out “Nagging saves lives!” 🙂

  3. Oh, did I ever get an earful, the first time this happened between us. I was very attentive, from that point on, and have been with every other woman friend, even since her passing.

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