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poem- endings June 19, 2015

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we’ll laugh until tears streak our cheeks

and remember all those moments

that made this a special place.

But beneath the laughter

will be the melancholy knowing

that with these leavings

we are left to try to rebuild something new.

I suppose we’ll be okay,

but I can’t help but wish you’d stay.




(End of the school year.  Staff leaves.  New staff arrives.  Some years it’s just so fabulously synergistic that it is particularly depressing to see the end).


9 Responses to “poem- endings”

  1. DeniseBalog Says:

    Shawn, you captured the emotions beautifully. I am an elementary secretary, and each year is its own year of memories and pain. It is REALLY hard to see the kids go on to another building. Especially difficult to see staff you have laughed with, cried with and strengthen each other to get through the hour, day, week, and semester, change workplaces at the end of the year. Yes, and “rebuild something new.” I will treasure these words in my heart when I think of the coming 2015-2016 school year. There have been far to many changes this end of year, and my heart has been experience their loss. Thank you! I needed this…”rebuild something new!” Encouraging words from you!! 🙂 denise

    • My pleasure.
      We are an amazing high school that is at the vanguard of Educational Change- piloting major innovations. The principal and the lead counselor whose divergent and creative thinking allowed us to make this leap are both leaving. It’s the end of an truly life-changing teaching time. We can only hope that next year will strengthen what we’ve begun, but we confess to being a little afraid.

      • DeniseBalog Says:

        Yes, we are a GE Model School with 4 key teachers leaving in our little building. It is hard not to grieve the loss. Your words truly help…new beginnings. We are such fragile creatures:)

  2. I visit friends, and leave- to visit more friends, and then leave. I can’t help but think, though, that part of me stays with them- and part of them goes with me.

  3. missprimnproper Says:

    I had a job which was so favored, due to the group of individuals I worked with daily. We were an awesome and productive team/fam….I miss it, especially in the rougher days.

  4. aplis7 Says:

    great words….

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