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Poem- Parts May 24, 2015

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I’m part English, part Welsh, part Prussian, part French

Diluted by experiences of generations born the ‘right’ colour.

Not even ‘No Irish need apply’ to tarnish their immigrant dream:

Canada, land of opportunity for the stalwart farming types.

Though great-grandpa was an accountant and failed at farming.


So who am I to comment on anyone else’s parts?

.   My great-niece: part African

.   My nephew: part First Nations

are just family.  Or 

Those friends from here and there whose colour

Was not as important as their character

Whose home culture was a matter of curiosity

Never animousity.   We were

White kids convulsing over that time at the bar

When the guy climbed into the back of Khalid’s car

convinced he was a taxi driver,

And we never considered that maybe  parts of his heart

Were incized by the stereotype he laughed off.

Because we didn’t waste time worrying about races or colours,

We were full of the wonder of all our parts racing together toward our futures.



This was created as part of an assignment in my Education of Inclusion course.  This week we’re looking at cultural inclusion and racisim.  One of the videos we watched was about ‘hyphenated Canadians’.  We were expected to comment on this, but I just don’t feel like I can say anything about what it might be like to feel caught between cultural identities, so this poem is my offering on the subject.


18 Responses to “Poem- Parts”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    the sooner we leave behind some racial concepts the better. I am delighted that one of my great-granddaughters is part Maori. The more we all intermarry the less we will be looking at our differences, and the more we will be able to understand our similarities…

  2. theowlpress Says:

    Liked it very much and the point is well made; except for all those extra “u” s. But of course we always blame everything on Canada.

  3. Jarrod C Says:

    Social media and the internet continues to bring our world together and make differences smaller. We can choose to see that we are similar to one another, though our cultures might be different, or we can choose to perpetuate stereotypes, usually born out of insecurity and hate.

  4. howardat58 Says:

    Regarding hyphenated Americans, it’s about time they dropped it, or started referring to the “whiteys” as “European Americans”. That would nicely upset more than a few people!

  5. Some say Red-Heads re the superior race. I think they are just another element of beauty in the world. We do best to realize that there is but one race- the Human Race.

  6. olu-da-poet Says:

    feeling the way it flows…

  7. This is Great. My first post on my own blog was not a poem but a piece about something very similar to this and the stereotypes i have encountered even though I and many many others are a blend of many cultures.

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