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poem- Mom May 10, 2015

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So many mothers:

mine with her great gardening gams

independent and active, just like always,

and I with my empty nest

working, writing, studying and more.

Busyness channeled in different directions,

but independent.

I always said, “I’m raising independent children,”

like my mom

I did my job.

Far away my children lead their independent lives

and only rarely feel the need to call home to update us

on the latest news.

Other mothers,

keep their chicks under their skirts,

want to be involved in every aspect of their lives,

with weekly dinners, frequent phone calls,

dependent interconnectiveness whatever their ages.

‘Not better,

not worse,

Just different’

like the exchange student mantra.

Family is the place you begin.

Family is where they have to take you in.

Family is many things

and there are many mothers.


17 Responses to “poem- Mom”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day

  2. atexasmist Says:

    Love it! I share the same philosophy… Teaching my children to be independent! I’m raising adults, not children 😉

  3. Aoko Owiro Says:

    Reblogged this on thetruthteller254 and commented:

  4. My Mom is one of those who enjoys a call on Mother’s Day, her birthday and Christmas. The rest of the time, she is content in knowing I am okay.

  5. syl65 Says:

    This is wonderful, Shawn! My mom is in Minnesota (I got my call in).

  6. Darque Says:

    Reblogged this on Darque Thoughts and commented:

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