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poem-spring snow April 22, 2015

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This April snow

fills the air with pink petals and

scents the sky with spring.


. prompt for today, Earth Day, April 22 to write a pastoral poem, one about nature.


21 Responses to “poem-spring snow”

  1. Jarrod C Says:

    Ah, creates such a beautiful image!

  2. Happy Earth Day! As always another great poem. Mini gems.

  3. syl65 Says:

    We actually had a few flakes here and there this morning…:)

  4. The rub is: What do we call July snow?

  5. Laurie Keim Says:

    Delicate image: the premonition of hope.

  6. uniqusatya Says:

    Lol…April snow is nowhere far from fiction for those of us in tropical zone….such a relief it is to read it when we are burning here 🙂

  7. Beautiful view of yet more snow. You should have heard people grumble around here today. It sure was chilly on the soccer pitch.

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