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poem-dreaming April 1, 2015

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Last night,

I wept over your broken body,

watching bloody pools expanding

beneath your feet.


you needed seven anti-anxiety pills

and still paced and cried,

your heart throbbing.

Were we dreaming side by side?

Did you see my vision?

Were you scared by day

from mother dreams

of death?




(The dog again.  Sigh.  Put him in the Gentle Leader halter after dinner and he calmed down.  Might try that during the day tomorrow.)



21 Responses to “poem-dreaming”

  1. With all my heart I hope everything gets better.

    • I generally write in persona, responding to characters in books, TV shows, students, overheard conversations. Never assume any poem is actually about my personal life. 🙂 Sometimes I mention or hint at the source, sometimes I don’t. (My daughter tells me things, and ends nearly every conversation now with, “And you can’t use this on your blog.”

      I appreciate the concern, however. I hope my old boy calms down soon!

  2. I just have to say this:

    I really love your poetry. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  3. GigiGeorgina Says:

    Really beautiful; it nearly made me cry. :’)

  4. Elle Says:

    powerfully moving! you wrote with a passion that gripped me.

  5. syl65 Says:

    It’s cool how you can stir up that type of emotion, from a reader’s perspective. That’s some mighty fine writing, Shawn 🙂

  6. Laurie Keim Says:

    To what degree do two dreams affect each other: the poem is in fact the mystery partition. Cheers

  7. davidprosser Says:

    xxx Sending you Massive Hugs Shawn xxx

  8. Lori Carlson Says:

    gorgeous poem, Shawn… overwhelming emotions.

  9. The tsunami of energy waves- how it inundates the field before it.

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