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poem- betrayal March 26, 2015

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Do not leave him unsupervised,

For those flames in his eyes

are burning for the stranger

he’s been dreaming of.

Leave him unsupervised

to throw away your history.

If his eyes burn for her,

he doesn’t deserve your

unswerving devotion.



Reading Jodi Picoult’s novel Mercy.  Feel like screaming, so I wrote a poem.


14 Responses to “poem- betrayal”

  1. narble Says:

    I like to go split wood. Well, or write a poem.

  2. Two thumbs up for this one…Great work….

  3. howardat58 Says:

    She clearly got the wrong bloke !

  4. debradml Says:

    Wow… I’m intrigued will have to read!

    • Even though it’s a modern story about euthanasia, set in the US, it’s got a lot of echoes of Outlander:
      Scots in North America
      clan chief
      Uncle Angus (old guy, not stuffed Scottish terrier)
      time travel (in dreams)
      noble Jamie
      chief saves his men from fighting at Culloden,
      chief tries to die at Culloden
      I’m not sure if these are just generic things if you add a Scot into your narrative, or if I am just particularly Outlander sensitive.

      • Lorien Says:

        Nah, not just Outlander sensitive…that’s odd to have so many similarities. Hmmmm.

      • Last night, one character was walking around a naked man trailing her fingers, just like the Outlander wedding night scene! At that point, I flipped to see when the book was copyright. It was 1996! So it’s 4 years after Outlander first came out, which makes general inspiration possible, but 19 years before the series aired.

  5. Heartafire Says:

    Oh, how true! that dirty….:-)

  6. May this be unfounded for you, and those with whom you are closest.

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