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poem-window love March 24, 2015

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It’s time for spring cleaning,

but if I wash your nose prints

off this glass

then the last trace

of you will be erased

and you will truly be



51 Responses to “poem-window love”

  1. narble Says:

    That is so poignant…and so true. Been there exactly.

  2. matt Says:

    Wow. Very moving.

  3. keelymyles Says:

    Oh. This is sweet sadness. ❤ Still, I find so much healing in writing. But with you, as with me, Miss Shawn, I never know if it's your imaginative thought it a true story.

  4. That is so very sad 😦

  5. Moongazer Says:

    I know how this feels. I kept paw prints from wet paws on my ironing board cover literally until they faded off. I just couldn’t bring myself to wash them away (((hugs)))

  6. jensenempire2551 Says:

    Then please don’t i would miss you more than a single man should….

    Within my love too you and your family…

  7. Oh I know that feeling!! My grandson leaves his little kisses on the windowpanes when he waves his daddy goodbye in the mornings. To me they are like precious stars but now that the sun is shing I see that really they are just SMUDGES and its time for them to go x

    • You can always take a photo.

      Since I don’t wash windows at the best of times, we’ll see how long it takes before DH decides to wash away the evidence of my old boy.

  8. murrsma Says:

    Ahhh…so sorry you are hurting… 😦

  9. Sad to read this one. I kept some of Lady’s hair around, for a year after she went to the Big Dog Park.

    • I took a clipping of Dusty’s hair as well. I thought I might make a Xmas ornament of it or something similar. (a benefit of poodles-the wooliness provides strange opportunities.

  10. Simple and powerful! Not wordy but visual and warm. True perspective, this is what I aim for, to use less to describe more. I must ask though, are the nose prints of a dog?

  11. Jarrod C Says:

    Aww, so sad! 😦

  12. Lorien Says:

    Ah, but no one can erase the traces that your dear friend left on your heart…forever there…

  13. It’s the small remembrances of a loss that we cling to, the personal ones that no one else would notice.

  14. Thank you for the likes and follow. 😀 Looking forward to read your blog. 😀

  15. des Says:

    Awe Shawn! Now you got me all gwh’ee. 😦 poor little dusty dog and his nose prints. Did you clean them? If you did I will cry.

    • I haven’t.
      But then, I don’t wash windows. We’ll see how long it takes for DH to get to the job. Or if a housekeeper gets hired.
      So far, they are preserved.

  16. Ryan Stone Says:

    Perfectly captured. I know the exact feeling. Paw prints never fade from your heart. Beautiful writing, Shawn.

  17. […] Poem – Window Love by Shawn L. Bird – For anyone who has ever loved and lost a four-legged family member. It’s very moving. I love Shawn’s poetry because of her meaning-density: she is able to convey so much meaning with so few words. […]

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