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poem- burning March 23, 2015

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The label on the bra

reads “Keep away from fire.”

Is this a warning against

flames of excessive passion,

self-immolation, or

metaphorical representations

of feminist independence?




31 Responses to “poem- burning”

  1. pintowski Says:


    Just keep away from them all but never forget to be in form with them…

  2. M V Blake Says:

    The last one. The owner of the bra company is a misogynist whose wife cooks him meatloaf for tea and vacuums his suits.

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  4. howardat58 Says:

    Like !
    How about the little packets of silica gel inside the food package which say “Do not eat”.

    • lol I always save those. I figure someday I’m going to want to dry something (like a cell phone dropped in the toilet or some such). Of course, WHERE I save them I am never quite sure. They’re likely in the infamous ‘place I won’t forget.’

  5. Anna María Says:

    That’s so funny!!! 🙂
    Definitely “flames of excessive passion”, probably designed by a man 😉

  6. g hunter Says:

    I love your perspective on life, you make me laugh and smile.

  7. Nothing beats excessive passion!

  8. or rather, isn’t the bra a firewall? (lelz)

  9. Rajiv Says:

    Good questions…

  10. Heartafire Says:

    all of the above ! 🙂

  11. agarrabrant Says:

    Well, they’re in good company with cigarette lighters which carry the same warning- “Do not use near fire or open flame.”

  12. Ha!…Now that is brilliant 🙂

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