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poem-cracked March 20, 2015

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I am cracked earth,

parched red clay

shrinking in the sun.

You are water,

not a flood

pouring over, but

a gentle, constant rain,

infiltrating slowly,

waking dormant seeds,

bringing blossoms,

to barren hopes,

remaking me.



21 Responses to “poem-cracked”

  1. shambhavi31 Says:

    Beautifully stringed piece 🙂

  2. Great expression….well expressed…Splendid… Stay blessed…Pray for me too!!

  3. What a great poem. Lovely imagery. Thank you.

  4. Megan Says:

    I like the metaphor here.

  5. We must be as water to one another’s souls- all of us.

  6. matt Says:

    Very beautiful.

  7. simonfalk28 Says:

    Lovely. Really like this one. Good for our landscape here in Australia. 🙂

    • Oh yes, it would be. 🙂 I live in a mountainous area on the shores of a lake, but drive 45 mins west, and that arid earth between the mountain ranges can be mighty cracked. (It’s a officially a steppe I think, but there are cacti and lots of sand).

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