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poem-leprechaun March 17, 2015

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Giant leprechaun

on the Via Crucis of

Palantine Hill

in Rome.

An American

in a giant

green velvet hat


and jigging

for St. Pat.



Five years ago on St. Patrick’s Day we were in Rome.  We were exploring on Palantine Hill when we saw these Americans.  I took his photo and he passed me his camera to take a photo of them.  End of story.  His hat has remained in memory as an amusing incidental of the trip.


4 Responses to “poem-leprechaun”

  1. I love that we can have fun anywhere in the world and also be ourselves

    • Yes, though I was astonished that he’d pack such a thing. We just bring carry-ons for our multi-week Euro-jaunts so bag real estate is too precious for an item that only gets one wearing, even if it does bring smiles to tourists all day! 🙂 In our philosophy, everything has to be worn min 3X to be worth bringing on a trip! (We do laundry). He did give me a laugh.

  2. Great Photo! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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