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poem-pi sigh March 14, 2015

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This morning

3.14 15 at 9:26.53

I waited breathlessly

for Math Gods to bestow

great knowing.

I waited for glowing in the sky

as the moment equaled  ten digits of pi.

But no.

No math enlightenment from on high.





19 Responses to “poem-pi sigh”

  1. g hunter Says:

    A great moment in time, that slipped quietly by the rest of us. Glad you caught it.

  2. hakeem Says:

    It is so amazing how everything in this world, including this poem and all you will ever write falls into pi, that infinite, non repeating decimal.

    Happy Pi Day.

  3. mpmckibbon Says:

    My sympathies. I spent many a math exam waiting for an awakening that never came. I have concluded that the engineers in my family gave all their math genes to a different generation.

  4. narble Says:

    Have some pie instead. 🙂

  5. Undying_War Says:

    Math… might as well be a foreign language to me, that’s how difficult it is.

  6. Even with a good explanation it gets right past me! 🙂 I’m much more drawn to poetry. 🙂 Love yours…

  7. I observed today with a slice of avocado cheesecake. Happy Pi Day!

  8. yprior1 Says:

    really fun pi day poem -two thumbs up

    • Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by.
      (I was just at your blog reading up on the Marijuana in Colorado report. Interesting! I was surprised at the products and marketing. Though I supposed I shouldn’t have been).

      • yprior1 Says:

        Thanks for dropping by Shawn = and I guess that is the big issue of concern – how to manage that area in such a short time – anyhow, hope u have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

  9. grhambley Says:

    Like what you wrote! As for creeps of exploit, Disdain thy name is me!

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