Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

poem- philosophy of place March 3, 2015

A poem created as part of my grad school  Poetic Diversity Project:

Where I grew up

all the faces were variations of my own

Snow White, Cinderella,

assorted Prince Charmings


My experiences with other cultures were

Princess Tiger Lily, Little Black Sambo, 

Emperor’s Nightingale.

But somehow I knew the world was bigger

and I wanted to wrap my tongue

around other languages

entwine new vowels

between rhythmic syllables and 

see inside minds that

offered something


Offered something 


Offered something

not better

not worse

just different

Because different is worth noticing

because different means to the same end

speak to a journey with different views

a different beauty

a different way

of being human,

offers something



4 Responses to “poem- philosophy of place”

  1. It’s a great thought penned with absolute flow!! Stay blessed…

  2. Shawn: if you’re teaching a course in poetry I wonder if you’ve included a component on that much neglected form, the metaphor? Aristotle said in his Poetics that the grasp of metaphor was the surest sign of genius in poetry (or at least of competence). Too often this more subtle approach is lost these days in the poetry of direct statement.

    • We analyze figurative language which includes metaphor, of course. They start exploring the form via simile (a form of metaphor) in early elementary. In junior grades we add personification. By senior grades we expand to synecdoche and metonymy. Figurative language is reiterated in every year of English, metaphor (all types, as above) and sound devices.

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