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poem for Jack February 13, 2015

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This poem was sent to me by my father-in-law, following the notice about Dusty’s euthanasia today.  It’s so lovely I thought I’d share it with you.  The author, Christopher Tatchell Winter, was my husband’s 2X great grandfather.  I will check, but I believe it would have been written around 1900. (Ignore the way WordPress mangled the spacing in the first stanza).



Dear, dear little Jack, my companion & friend

Few now are my years, soon cometh the end

And I thought to have had you until I depart
But no more will I lessen the pain of my heart

My dear little dog, so faithful & true
I never shall know another like you
Much that passes for love may be but a cheat
But your love was constant & full & complete

No more will you meet me & run half a mile
To leap in my arms & my sorrow beguile
If but for a moment it then would depart
And sunshine & gladness would enter my heart

Oh, dear little Jack, I call you in vain
But why should I sorrow, why should I complain
It can’t bring you back, I know that is true
And yet all the same I will sorrow for you

And now at my door, you rest in your grave
And over it many a flower shall wave
In winter the snow on it softly shall fall
But no more will you answer & come to my call


The sketch of a Winter dog, presumably Jack:

Winter's dog


38 Responses to “poem for Jack”

  1. kathyclem Says:

    I love the poem, so proper, but also so much feeling and love expressed. 🌹

  2. dear ms shawn,
    my heart felt sypathies go out to you and your family as your bestest friend got a ticket to the holy ghost revival in the skies as i read this belated poem it brought tears to me as i have lost my dog of late as well. keep up the great work as you are inspiration to a lot of us. God Bless

    your friend ,
    General BT Hope

  3. JMS Says:

    As disconcerting as it is to have a eulogy with your name in it, this is still a very beautiful and touching poem.

  4. Oh my goodness. This definitely brought a tear to my eye. What a loss! And such a sweet way to remember Jack.

  5. No finer love is there than between man and dog.

  6. V del Casal Says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Shawn. 😦

  7. quarksire Says:

    heart warming, nice one 😎
    thought of jack > 🙂
    kewl poem …..

  8. That was very touching. A lovely tribute to a much-loved dog.

  9. It’s never easy losing an animal. The companionship they offer is second to nothing.

  10. aqilaqamar Says:

    Reblogged this on Iconography ♠ Incomplete.

  11. Ritu Says:

    What a lovely gesture, and lovely tribute… Sorry for your loss Shawn

  12. blackmutts Says:

    This is so beautiful and captures the heartbreak of loosing our companions so well:-(

  13. Wow that makes me want to go and cuddle my little Dachsund x

  14. How sweet. I hope you found comfort in these lovely words.

  15. kiwiskan Says:

    and this is one I wrote for past old friends left behind…


    Shades of cows roam
    the paddocks
    churned up mud
    where past hay-piles lay.

    Hester, seeking
    her small red calf.

    Sometimes lesser shades
    stubby, wagging,
    in favourite sun places.
    Swift flash of fur
    green eyes following the cows.
    Quiet now.

  16. simono1968 Says:

    😢 sad but wonderful, a fine tribute *hug*

  17. Sweet and tender words to ease the loss of your very dear friend.

  18. grhambley Says:

    Very sweet and heartfelt. Still miss my guy.

    Only the best Black Lab Ever. I swear I’m not biased, much.

  19. Stephen James Says:

    Sorry for your loss. We have two old dogs, one 13 and one 14 years old.

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