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poem-voyageur January 26, 2015

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So you packed your canoe,

left a good man,

gave away that puppy,

you’d given to

those good boys,

those sweet little boys,

and rowed off to find yourself

on a river of their tears.

I hope the discovery

proves worth it

in the end.


20 Responses to “poem-voyageur”

  1. narble Says:

    Shakespeare wrote “Above all: to thine own self be true.” Sometimes, it’s a matter of survival. But a person has to be accountable for the breaking of hearts.

  2. ANooP Says:

    I can relate very much to the title of this poem… It was great reading it, Well done.

  3. LiterateOWL Says:

    Reblogged this on LiterateOwl and commented:
    … but do you truly know how to paddle? that’s important.

  4. Sadly it never is for what goes around comes around. Reality does more than bite it rips you apart when you least expect it. People always think that the grass is greener on the other side until said grass needs mowing or turns out to be astro turf.

  5. Al Harris Says:

    Oh my. That was insightful and so truthful. I have created many a river helping my lost loves find new places…new faces. It is what it is…I regret nothing. I am better for knowing them…and they; me.

  6. Megan Kohli Says:

    Reblogged this on Megan Kohli and commented:
    This one speaks to my wandering soul!

  7. kiwiskan Says:

    but I doubt it…

  8. The worst nightmare I can imagine would be not having been there for my child, when he was small.

    • Yes. We were blessed to have opposite shifts for many years, so while we spent years transferring kids in school parking lots as he went to work as I was finishing my day, they always had one of us there until they were teens, and then we were only an hour or two later than them coming home. I frequently worked at my daughter’s school, much to her trauma. 😉

  9. mpmckibbon Says:

    I know of a situation much like the one you wrote above. The mother took her daughter and left her infant twin sons with the father. I often wonder how her two boys dealt with the abandonment. Sad.

  10. Sherry Bibb Says:

    Beautiful and heart breaking. I also like your comment about the need for integrity. Our actions have consequences. Unfortunately it seems in some cases the consequences bypass the callous soul and settle on the sensitive, tender ones.

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