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poem-flipped January 23, 2015

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You need a silent rest

and I need recumbency.

I find a peaceful place,

I recline and read and write

throughout the night,

come to bed at dawn

to greet you as you rise.

But office workers

call at nine, nine thirty, ten

and so with blurry eyes I

pretend lucidity,

then fall back to sleep

until you return at two.

My head and ankle

have schedules

out of sync with offices,

though I’m in tuneful counterpoint

with you.




9 Responses to “poem-flipped”

  1. you are the best ms bird! smile and the world will smile with you
    your friend n followere
    General Hope

  2. The synchronicity of souls will always trump the mismatch of commerce.

  3. michellevee Says:

    Reblogged this on Michelle Vee.

  4. saytishannah Says:

    And so goes the writer (P.S. This is beautiful!)

  5. good one! I too used to be night owl.

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