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poem-awkward January 5, 2015

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He needs a bed,

and she has one,

so she welcomes him to it,

and he lies.


14 Responses to “poem-awkward”

  1. carljpoetry Says:

    Short yet very powerful! I really like this 🙂

  2. cutelilgypsy Says:

    Reblogged this on bohemiangypsy and commented:
    yeah she just summed it up!!!

  3. No pants on fire in bed!

  4. Yes. That’s exactly what happens. Trust betrayed on so many levels.

  5. transcend18 Says:

    Upon her house
    A darkened cloud descends
    He left like a mouse,
    Leaving the girl with dead ends

  6. yprior1 Says:

    I like the short yet potent part too – nice zinger…

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