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Poem- solstice December 21, 2014

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Winter solstice,

mist cloaked,

evokes kisses.

image copyright CRAIG PULSIFER PHOTOGRAPHY Used with permission.

Image courtesy of Craig Pulsifer.  Used with permission.

Please visit to see his amazing photography.

(My dad lives in the building, the roof of which you see at the bottom of the frame) 😉


15 Responses to “Poem- solstice”

  1. Under the mistletoe smooches?

  2. The new moon, the fire, the mistletoe.

  3. davidprosser Says:

    Have a Wonderful Christmas Season Shawn.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. brodyruach Says:

    It also evokes drunken mistakes at Christmas & new year parties. My favourite time of the year 😀 Ho ho ho. Have a good one!

    • One of the benefits of not drinking, is that I never make drunken mistakes, and since I don’t drink, I don’t hang around drunks, so I don’t have to witness others’ humiliations. I do, however, get to enjoy the stories.

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