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poem- box of stars December 18, 2014

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I open

an innocuous box

to find a starry sky,

music for the spheres,

time travel.

I open

an innocuous box

to find sparkling stars

that make me smile





and since the box contained the 25th Anniversary edition of The Interstellar Suite in Surround Sound (among many other lovely things), I should probably include a link to a 25 year old event that inspired a scene in Grace Awakening, shouldn’t I?  (Thanks Arlene for that awesome sparkly sky paper!)


13 Responses to “poem- box of stars”

  1. georgiakevin Says:


  2. Roy Southil Says:

    How memory buttons are triggered! I read the backgrounder. Good read.

  3. Every sphere generates its own music, and every soul sings a unique song.

  4. Voices from the past are always refreshing. Shows how precious a box of stars really is.

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