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poem- dark wishes December 17, 2014

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In darkness

her wishes are simple:

No steps in the hall

no hovering hand

no panting breath

no pain.

In darkness

she wishes in vain.


29 Responses to “poem- dark wishes”

  1. helpingu2bu Says:

    This was awesome.

  2. Heartafire Says:

    life’s not easy and the holidays are not joyful for many…a reminder that we sometimes need when life is a bowl of cherries.

  3. howardat58 Says:

    This is so spot on it’s brilliant. So much, in so few words.

  4. This is kinda scary. Seems like something or someone is out to do her harm! Fright Night!!

  5. Darkness can be so confusing!

  6. BlogerGeek13 Says:

    I’m gonna guess it is about rape and abuse?? It sounds a lot like what it sounds like.

  7. Roy Southil Says:

    Before clicking on the link to your blog I expected the new post would be a heart-warming poem. But it turned out to be a heart-rending one. Life is full of surprises. Best wishes, Shawn.

  8. Roy Southil Says:

    Reblogged this on Wonderland of stories for kids and commented:
    One for the day.

  9. yelena Says:

    very moving..simple yet powerful.

  10. Rajagopal Says:

    evocative lines , shawn… wishes may be in vain not just in darkness but even in broad daylight , in a school in peshawar , where 132 children , ages ranging from 5 to 14 , were brutally shot dead by terrorists a couple of days ago…

    • I know. What a horrible situation. No person of faith behaves that way. Do you think the fact that a number of children of Pakistani army were among the dead, that there will be increased interest in attacking the Taliban?

  11. Rajagopal Says:

    Counter action by pak army is already happening…but the sad part is it is going to be short-lived as there exists a vested interest in Pakistan keen on retaining terrorism as an instrument of state policy and keeping it directed against India, not knowing that they are feeding a Frankenstein that will eventually destroy Pakistan…

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