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poem- glass November 19, 2014

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It’s all glass:







19 Responses to “poem- glass”

  1. mihrank Says:

    this is such beautiful!

  2. pearlz Says:

    Hi Shawn can I reblog this one, love it.

  3. Abhishek Says:

    A swarovski crystal bowl?
    Could be a still lake that is clear, where the surface can be easily disturbed. Thus caution , “do you disturb the beauty”
    Or even pure heart, it is beautiful, able to show the persons true emotions without hiding them, yet can be easily tainted. Thus, fragile.
    There can be many different interpretation that can be taken from this poem.

    Nice poem, it makes one think and try to draw parallel to what is written.

  4. smuchendu Says:

    beautiful. I liked it.

  5. Love it’s complexity disguised as simplicity

  6. babylondogs Says:

    The word “fragility” tied this together beautifully. Strong poem. And it’s a great reminder. Really good poem.

  7. Seatbelt:

    imprint glass –
    windshield blast
    the end
    but to begin again
    as molten sand
    nere one bland strand
    of life within



  8. So very- reflective! 🙂

  9. pearlz Says:

    Reblogged this on Ripple Poetry and commented:
    I regularly visit Shawn’s blog. They are short but linger in the mind.
    Thanks Shawn for our chats and sharing your poetry with everyone.

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