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poem-ache November 6, 2014

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in the span

across the back

your agony rests.


in the flesh

of your arms

your pain sits.


in the curve

of your neck

your anger abides.


in the well

of your heart

your recovery dreams.


18 Responses to “poem-ache”

  1. georgiakevin Says:

    I always enjoy your poetry. I very much enjoyed this one!

  2. This actually was creating waterfalls in my eyes ❤ beautiful – Kiara one love xoxo

  3. Michael33 Says:

    No wonder my back and neck hurt all the time. This is a great poem. Definitely has that “feel”…
    Thanks for sharing with us. Now I’ll be working on those recovery dreams.

  4. Cyan Ryan Says:

    Nice pattern poem! I noticed you also posted yesterday about back pain. Oddly enough I was hacked yesterday, and my cursor was changed to what looked like a spine. I couldn’t place what it looked like, until I read your post yesterday, and it made me think of it. Hackers are a curious bunch, they did no damage to my pc. It seems I have had the attention of hackers for awhile, they do weird things like that sometimes. My identity has never been stolen, so I mostly ignore it. I also got a cryptic email from someone in the English department at Berkely today named Katie today, and I think I cracked the code. This is what she emailed me:

    “i have a project for you


    It’s about Ha, an Egyptian God of the desert, I think. I found her WordPress blog, and she uses the word “project” in her approach to blogging, though she hasn’t blogged since last year. I suppose I am on my way to becoming friends with hackers or something, or who knows. All so strange.

    You are an English professor, aren’t you? Apparently she works in something called the “Prospective Committee” according to Any idea what might be going on, like is this something people in English departments regularly do? I write a lot of poetry based on mythology, so I suppose she came across my blog, though I haven’t heard back from her.

    Interesting, huh? lol

  5. Julia Putzke Says:

    ❤️ the last stanza. 🙂

  6. skykinwrite Says:

    I very much like your repetitious pattern and the depth of your vision … I love concern with healing.

  7. Love! Thanks for sharing!

  8. My recovery also plans, in the well of my heart.

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