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poem- Ulterior Motives continued November 3, 2014

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They cluster about

like vampires,

smiling sycophants,

their eyes glowing

with delight,

basking in your presence.

Their good intentions

would suck you dry,

if you gave them half

a chance.


You smile,

all charm and pleasantries,

while internally, you mock

their saccharin sweetness

and puerile pandering.

You accept their homage,

nod nobly

and never let it seep

into your psyche.




12 Responses to “poem- Ulterior Motives continued”

  1. We know that Smiling Faces tell Lies and that they are Back Stabbers.

    The O’Jays

  2. Dai Verse Says:

    sounds like a typical ‘extended’ family gathering

  3. FCM Says:

    I love love love this poem. I think you’re the greatest everrrrrr. Really! Oh, I’m not just saying this either. Yup, good one.. 😉

  4. howardat58 Says:

    It takes two to tango !

  5. ‘Tis the season of the panderers, so saccharin in their pleading- every single day- “More $, please!!”

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