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poem-vicious October 26, 2014

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Gathering evil intentions

Hell hath no fury


what will people say

behind your back?


Safe words.

He said.

She said.

You’re high on a pedestal

Scorned lovers

can be vicious,

Even if they’re crazy.

It’s not the falling off

the tall pillar that hurts,

it’s the sudden stop

at the






13 Responses to “poem-vicious”

  1. importededition Says:

    Its good and relatable!

  2. tt4r Says:

    Yes, we are so vulnerable in what we say and express – our standing and hitting the ground depends on people.

  3. narble Says:

    Yeah, Physics hurts.

  4. Great human insight through poetry! Ouch for the gossips.

  5. goodpulp Says:

    Another awesome poem. I’m a fan now – it’s official

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