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poem-searches October 9, 2014

WordPress says, seekers came to my blog wondering

‘how tall is Sam Heughan?’

They were looking for ‘Sam heughan butt’

‘Sam Heughan’

and ‘Outlander vocabulary.’

Sam is 6’3″

His butt is not here.

He is not here either

But I once passed him on the highway

and didn’t pick him up.

He was stranded four hours.

I’ll bet he used some colourful

Outlander vocabulary then!




Seriously, I have written a popular poem about Sam, back when he was first cast as Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series.  You may enjoy it!  Diana did when she read it.

I also have a frequently visited blog post about Diana’s vocabulary in the Outlander series.  

While Sam definitely has a very nice butt, there are no visuals here, but you may find some relief in assorted Outlander poems and other writings.

About the passing him on the highway, that’s true, too!  August 2013 Sam came to BC to visit a relative near where I live.  Read the details here.


8 Responses to “poem-searches”

    • If I’d have been travelling with my husband, we might have stopped, but as a single woman- you know how it is- safety first!

      However, if I hadn’t thought he’d already left Calgary, I would have taken a closer look! lol If I’d realized it was him, I would have squished them into the car. Bugs are not made for tall men (but it did fit Diana quite perfectly!) lol

  1. sb2711 Says:

    hahahha 😀

  2. Dai Verse Says:

    It’s strange what google searches bring people to my site too. One of the most popular is for Gigolo or variations on that theme. Sadly, I’m not a gigolo (though I’m considering a change of profession based on the popularity of the search-term), but I did write a poem about one once –

  3. topazo Says:

    I totally enjoyed this

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