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poem-what they said September 23, 2014

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While he was dying

the nurses at his bedside

chatted with one another.

When he came back to life

he told them what he heard

and they could not

meet his eyes.



(true story)



18 Responses to “poem-what they said”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    So verypowerful

  2. narble Says:

    The subconscious always listens. Always.

  3. Melody J Haislip Says:


  4. Reading this gave me a little chill when I got to the last line – great effect!

  5. a really great poem, succinct and powerful

  6. Ginz Says:

    Oh my goodness that’s sadly rather telling! 😦

  7. Lorien Says:

    I would love the whole story. So poignant!

    • My dad (then 98) had a small stroke and heart attack. When awake he was sometimes lucid, but also experienced paranoid delusions. He was not expected to recover, but he did, and moreover he actually remembered all the details of his delusions, and what staff members had said about him. He told one, and she only responded, “It is very rare for a patient to remember what happens during a stroke.”

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