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You don’t get to say NO! September 12, 2014

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Well said.
Personally, I think that BC having the lowest corporate tax rate and high child poverty is absolutely shameful. If any members of this government are able to sleep at night, they’re the lowest mite on fleas on dead dogs.

Moving Paradigms

children go to school

I’m sorry but you don’t get to say no. You don’t get to hold 500 000 children hostage without consequences. You don’t get to ignore the law. You don’t get to spend millions of dollars of public funds on the spewing of lies and distortions and misinformation without being called to account.

Does the echo chamber you live in prevent you from hearing the sounds of the widespread dissent to your actions?  How much longer do you plan to ignore the voices of hundreds of thousands of people who provide the money that pays your salary?

You are public servant.

You are supposed to serve the people.  You are especially supposed to act on behalf the most vulnerable people in society, our children.

What have you done for children lately?

You have done nothing about childhood poverty. You have denied parents help with daycare. You have instead chosen to spend…

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One Response to “You don’t get to say NO!”

  1. howardat58 Says:

    “Say it again, Shawn”

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