Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

poem-pudding on the premier September 4, 2014

“Who stole the bowl of pudding

I made for dessert?”

“He did!” said the chocolate coated child, pointing at

her baby brother, quietly kicking his feet in the jolly jumper.


“Who is stalling contract


“They are!” said the chocolate coated premier, pointing

at the teachers quietly carrying their pickets.


Some lies

are easier to spot

than others.


(Seriously Premier, why would anyone forfeit thousands of dollars of salary unless it was for something of tremendous value- like defending The Charter of Rights and Freedoms? We’re not going to give up our rights under the law!  We won twice at the Supreme Court!   We won’t sign a clause that says if you lose again, you won’t have to follow the justice’s decision!


8 Responses to “poem-pudding on the premier”

  1. sb2711 Says:

    Ever thought about publishing your wonderful poems 🙂

  2. haridas7499 Says:

    very nice good assumptions………

  3. georgiakevin Says:

    As a teacher and a parent your poem is OUTSTANDING, WELL WRITTEN & SPOT ON!!!

  4. betty bryden Says:

    I think you should be thinking of running in the next election. It is time we get some people who actually have brains and are for the people in government. I will vote for you. All unions please go on strike in the province to support the teachers. Shut the province down until they agree to sit down and bargain fairly. Show your solidarity as a union person please.

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