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poem-shapely August 22, 2014

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I was a line

a squiggly line

a wiggly line

that grew

and grew

into a sphere:

a bubble floating

a tire rolling

I bent elliptically

under pressure,

curves contained

in shapely strain.


21 Responses to “poem-shapely”

  1. anjum wasim dar Says:

    cool description self portrait

  2. howardat58 Says:

    Geometrical transformations, then ?
    Nice one!
    Metaphorical ? not to me, yet.

  3. words4jp Says:

    You had me at squiggly;). Very cute.

  4. Squiggly wiggly…nice!

  5. ady Says:

    Cute Lines ….Never read a geometrical poem to be so cuddly….:)

  6. blubarz Says:

    Really like this one! Thanks for your like/follow over on my blog 🙂

  7. Nirmal Bajwa Says:

    wow, nice phrasing of words and great work

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