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poem- disappear August 21, 2014

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I want to


into tomorrow

to explore


corridors across

your incendiary



somewhere better

than your





In response to the Monday Meme photo prompt 


14 Responses to “poem- disappear”

  1. toad2014 Says:

    Sam i have a bouquet for you, i need to create a post to go with it…

  2. timthepoet Says:

    I thought it would of been better without double spacing. You can turn it off in the wordpress editor, somehow.

  3. Reblogged this on Observations of Life seen through autistic eyes by Andy Smith and commented:
    A poem from one of my favourite poets Shawn L Bird

  4. magicpoet01 Says:

    I had to post on Facebook – beautiful image and text!

  5. amoafowaa Says:

    A very nice mind on an exploration thought

  6. howardat58 Says:

    “No, Mommy, I don’t want an Ipad!”

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