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poem-broken August 5, 2014

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We don’t appreciate


until the air conditioner

condenser breaks when it’s

40 degrees* out

because dog pee

corroded the evaporator coil.

The steaming

house is broken

and dogs get more expensive

every day.



*(that’s 104 if you speak Fahrenheit).


(good thing we love them, eh?)




9 Responses to “poem-broken”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    We speak Centigrade!! I was wondering why you needed air-conditioning at 40 Fahrenheit!

  2. Megan Says:

    Dogs can be quite expensive. Had to keep our puppy from tearing at an armchair yesterday. 😛 He thinks everything is a toy but he will learn eventually.

  3. penned by mercy Says:

    Nice one :)…and thanks for following!

  4. […] few of my favourites of hers: Poem-lampstand Poem-broken Poem-missing […]

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