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poem-bursting July 12, 2014

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she was a closed bud


she’s burst into pink frills

dusted with yellow

streaked with purple.


she may fade

but today

she is a glory.


24 Responses to “poem-bursting”

  1. Meredith Says:

    This could be an analogy for stages of life. Well written.

  2. narble Says:

    Kinda like life, eh?

  3. words4jp Says:

    this is so pretty – I love the picture you have painted in my mind.

  4. Julia Putzke Says:

    Reblogged this on crippledatYourtable and commented:
    Why is it always the last lines that get me? Way to go, Shawn! 🙂

  5. cutelilgypsy Says:

    all I can do is smile at this…cuz words don’t do it justice…and im still smiling…like a lil weirdo…lol

  6. unknowntowritersblock Says:

    One poet to another, I like this.

  7. pavanneh Says:

    I can almost see the colors. Very nice.

  8. colonialist Says:

    The cycle of life – but in the case of what you have written applied to the more delicate and lovely forms …

  9. Reblogged this on Charissa's Grace Notes and commented:
    of COURSE I have to re-blog this!! Shawn does it again…writes a poem about my day today!

  10. Alex Clemons Says:

    Great poem. love your writing style 🙂

  11. Lorien Says:

    Beautiful imagery! A delicious poem. Yummy colors.

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