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poem-caught July 2, 2014

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The “Isle of Capri” scent

wafting from the Lampe Berger

was supposed to ensure



walk up the stairs and ask,

“What’d you burn?”

Perhaps I’ve used this strategy

once too often?




I am vaguely amused that the photo on the Lampe Berger homepage shows the exact lampe that I was using…  (cough)


4 Responses to “poem-caught”

  1. narble Says:

    This is a new one on me. I like scented oils and all, but brand names just confuse me. 🙂

    • This is an old French product- developed in 1898 to clean the nasty air in the hospitals. My scientist friends explained the way it works, molecules binding to the stink molecules in the air or something. It’s quite amazing- it’ll clean a stink of fish right out.

      As you can see from the photo on the website, there’s a wick sitting in oil. There is a ceramic top. You light the ceramic top and let it burn briefly (3 or 4 minutes) to heat the ceramic and get it to draw the oil, then you blow out the flame and set the metal diffuser over the ceramic. Somehow the air cleaning molecules diffuse through the room (or the entire house!) and in 20 mins or so, you put the cap on. The air is cleaned. They make dozens of scents. Neutral is very nice, as well. A great, time tested product, and being French, there are many gorgeous designer bases. You can pay $20 or $1000. 🙂

      End of commercial. 😉

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